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Well then ... I figured as a first real entry I probably should introduce myself. Manners and such, you know. Probably should explain the title of my blog, too ... or not. I'm pretty sure you'll figure that out soon enough. Anyway, this is gonna be long, insane and useless. So just hop on to the next journal or the next entry. Trust me, you don't need to read this ;)

Meet Amancham, 28-year-old German female ... slightly crazy )

And here a list of my favorites and interests: 

Favorite TV-Shows:
Top shows: Angel & Leverage.
I also like: Firefly, Roswell, House M.D, Supernatural, Dollhouse, Merlin, Dexter, Babylon 5, Stargate Atlantis, Torchwood, Castle, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Wildfire, McLeod's Daughters, Charmed, Friends, Queer as Folk, Game of Thrones, Haven and many, many others.

Favorite Movies: 
Top Movies: Her Minor Thing, Avatar, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars IV-VI
Others I like: Pirates of the Carribean (I), Inception, Mr. Fix It, Calcium Kid, Haven, Life or something like it, Crossfire Trail, 10 Things I hate about you. Soldier's girl, Brokeback Mountain, Latter days, X-Men, Crooked E, Secondhand Lions and many others.

Favorite Actors/Actresses: 

My number one: Christian Kane
Others I like: Julia Stiles, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, Summer Glau, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Colin Firth, Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, Jude Law and many others

Favorite Musicians & Genres: 

Top Genres: Country, Melodic & Soft Rock, Original Score
Others I like: Classic, Rock, Musicals, Soul, Jazz, sometimes Rap, sometimes even Trance.
Top Musicians: Christian Kane, Steve Carlson
Others I like: Rosalee, Kansas, Kings of Leon, George Strait, Garth Brooks, and so on. You get the drift ;)

Favorite Books/Authors: 
Top Authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, Trudi Canavan
Top Books: Black Magician Trilogy, Lord of the rings, The hobbit

Favorite activities/hobbies: 
Top activity/hobby: Writing, laughing, hanging out with friends, going to gigs with friends, watching movies with friends
Others: Webdesing, graphic design, watching TV-Shows, guitar playing, singing, songwriting, listening to music, walking through a park and many other things

Well ... that's me. Thanks for reading ;)
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Just a quick one. I learned about this site and thought I'd go and check it out. It's slow for me today so I won't be doing much, I'm afraid. Just learning the ropes and having a look around. ;)

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